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Special Projects and Heavy Road Transportation

We provide you our Professional Stuff and Equipments for all your needs such as the International and Domestics Transportation Organizations with different sizes and out of gauge.

We organize transportation through Turkic Republics, European and Middle East Countries with our 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 axled new Low Bed Trucks.

We are proud of being your trusted partners.

Our professional staff will be your transportation guide by road reports and chosing the right routeing for safe cruise.

All the heavy, long and out of gauge loads will be delivered with "special transport permissions" and "initiator services".

Our Services Providing road study and routeing

  • Transportation of Transformers Turbines and Generators Transportation of Wind Turbines
  • Transportation of Power Plants
  • Transportation of Ship Engines
  • Transportation of Die Casting Unites, Cement and Soda Mills
  • Transportation of Machines and Machine Spare Parts and all the out of gauge loads